Quick Start Social Media Guide

The 35-Minute 'Take Action Now' Guide Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Sell TODAY | taught by Katie Skow

Course description

One thing I've noticed holding small business owners back is a lack of time. There's so much information out there, yet not enough time in the day to consume it all!

Not to mention take action.

I've seen you around and I've personally talked to so many of you... service-based entrepreneurs trying so hard, yet always struggling with social media content.

The last thing you have time for is another lengthy course.

That's why I've created the Quick Start Social Media Guide: The 35-Minute 'Take Action Now' Guide Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Sell TODAY.

This fast, straight-to-the-point course has been created to fit into your busy schedule. So, grab a snack and before you can go back for seconds, you'll be ready to get started on doing what you're in business to do in the first place... SELL!

Seriously. In under 35 minutes, you will be through with my (very important and necessary) blah, blah, blah and be taking ACTION.

Here's what you get:

  • 5 Fast-Paced Modules
  • Each module is 10 minutes or less (Total instruction time in this course: 35 minutes!)
  • The exact bare bones, super important, must-know information you need to get started on social media and begin selling TODAY
  • Less blah-blah-blah and 99% action
  • Quick start, light-a-fire-under-your-bum worksheets to get you ORGANIZED and TAKING ACTION... RIGHT NOW.

This course will be delivered to you via:

  • Audio (the longest lesson is only 10 minutes!)
  • Worksheets (most are one-page guides)
  • Examples (whenever necessary)

Here's what the course will cover...

  • How to set a goal and reach it
  • Discover exactly who you're targeting and where to find them on social media
  • Create a strategy that gets results and directly feeds your goal
  • How to create stand-out content
  • My best tips for automating your content and engagement and saving hours each week.

You're a perfect match for this if...

  • You have no time
  • You are looking for exactly what you need to get started on social media TODAY
  • You are results-oriented
  • The thought of another lengthy course gives you a headache
  • You are ready to stop wasting time and start seeing results from your social media efforts
  • You're a DIY type of person or your business isn't in the position to outsource social media... yet


Are you ready to get SERIOUS about social media and start reaching your goals TODAY?

Take Action. Get Access Now.

Katie Skow
Katie Skow
Founder & Course Creator

I teach digital marketing to new entrepreneurs.

Course Curriculum

2. Identify Your Perfect Client
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3. Creating a Strategic Sales Strategy Path
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4. How to Create Content That Stands Out
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5. Automate Content and Engagement
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