Instagram Basics: A Step-By-Step Video Guide to Using the App

Everything You Need to Know About Navigating the Instagram App in One Short Video | taught by Katie Skow
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Here's Everything You Need to Know to Navigate the Instagram App
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If you feel called to use Instagram for your business and have downloaded the app to your phone, but aren't sure where to begin (because OMG, what if you press the wrong button and go Live by accident!)... this is the tutorial for you!

This video goes over all the must-know features of Instagram, including :

  • What to do once you've downloaded the app
  • Where you go to create your bio
  • How to post a photo
  • How to add a caption and hashtags to your post
  • Why the search function is so important and how to use it to find your Perfect Clients on Instagram
  • How to comment and respond to comments on your photos
  • The various settings including privacy and how to set up an Instagram Business Account and why you may or may not need one.
  • How to use Instagram LIVE
  • An inside look at how to use Instagram Stores.

So, if you're feeling uncomfortable about Instagram right now, you MUST watch this video. In only 20 minutes, you'll feel like a seasoned Instagram pro and ready to take on your own Instagram account for business.

This will be the best money ever spent because it will save you loads of time searching the internet for outdated information AND you might have to go to 20 different sources to find all of the information I have included in this quick to-the-point video.

Fast. Easy. Effective.

Take action now. Get access today.

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