Holiday Time! How to Automate Your Social Media While On Vacation

Learn how to spend MORE TIME RELAXING and less time on social media while you enjoy your vacation | taught by Katie Skow

Course description

I've been a social media manager for nearly a decade and have always managed to keep up with my own accounts and client accounts while on vacation or enjoying holidays.

Learn how I automate my social media so I can spend less time on the computer and MORE TIME RELAXING.

I have been using this system for YEARS.

What You Get:

  • My very own guide to keep your business running on social media while still getting results
  • Precisely how to automate your social media content while on vacation
  • The best types of content to post while away from your computer
  • How to avoid a potential social media nightmare
  • Time-saving travel tips for checking in on social media
  • Best practices for working ahead so you can enjoy your time

This course will be delivered to you via:

  • Audio
  • Worksheet guide to plan your time away from social media

You're a perfect match for this if...

  • You're planning to go on vacation for a few days or a few weeks
  • You have a business to run and want to know how you can spend more time offline while still seeing results online.
  • You feel like you haven't truly disconnected from your day-to-day social media tasks in years and are looking forward to a break
  • You're an entrepreneur hustler who never wants to stop seeing results, even on vacation


Are your ready to automate your social media content and spend more time offline?

Fast. Easy. Effective.

Take action now. Get access today.

Katie Skow
Katie Skow
Founder & Course Creator

I teach digital marketing to new entrepreneurs.

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Here's How to Automate Your Social Media While on Vacation
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