The Content Success Formula

taught by Katie Skow

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Hey Business Owner!

I’ve seen you before! Yes, I’ve seen you in Facebook Groups for online entrepreneurs. You’re booking clients right and left. They’re all raving about how working with you has upped their business game. When people work with you, their life changes for the better.

The passion and drive you have for your business is enviable! Your niche is top notch, you rock those relationships, and it looks like you have the virtual world at your fingertips.

Where do you find the energy and how do you stay so organized?

You’re a fountain of content marketing ideas and it seems like you don’t skip a beat with social media marketing. You reach your Perfect Client effortlessly.

If only that were the case.

Because right now, you’re feeling in-over- your-head and crazy-overwhelmed keeping up with all your posts going out. This doesn’t include the time you spend building relationships. The reality is you’re wasting so much time and this whole social media marketing thing… well, it’s exhausting and never-ending. There are fewer things you hate more than sitting at your computer every morning wondering what content you’ll be putting out today. You know there’s a better way to do things, you just haven’t figured out how to do it.

What you need is a system.

In other words, a step-by-step process to routinely bring your content ideas to fruition without going crazy (or running out of material!) and ensure this Perfect Client-approved content is scheduled to be posted while you’re working on other areas of your business. You’ll put engagement and relationship building on the calendar, which will ping you when it’s time to pop online and focus.

You’ve read a number of blog posts on organizing social media content, but at this point all the broad recommendations have blurred and you still don’t have a strategy. What you really want is someone to show you exactly how to implement a system that works.

That’s where I come in…

I’m Katie Skow and I’m here to show you how to create social media content systems that will keep you organized and ensure you always have enough time to conquer the most important part of social media content marketing: building relationships.

As a Social Media Marketing Stylist, I help online entrepreneurs all over the world stand out on social media so they can attract more leads, opportunities and make more money – without being tied to a screen 24/7.

With almost 10 years’ experience working both in the tourism industry and for product and service-based marketing agencies, I’ve managed multiple brands’ social media accounts and grown them by thousands all through organic engagement, so it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about how to create systems that help you reach your content marketing goals.

And, y’know? It’s much easier than most people think.

You see, most people have no clue how to pick successful social media goals, create content that directly feeds those goals, and automate so they can spend less time online while seeing bigger and better results.

Thankfully, you don’t need to pay big bucks or rely on a marketing agency to do this for you because I’m about to show you how it’s done.

The Content Success Formula is an online, self-study course for service-based online entrepreneurs who want to reclaim their lives offline and grow their business online via creating easy-to-reach content marketing goals and a top-notch organizational system.

This program is a culmination of my experience over the years of working with multitudes of clients, often at the same time. With loads of content to create and pressure to help clients reach their online marketing goals, the systems I put in place have helped me to seamlessly handle the workflow while never running out of content ideas.

This system isn’t magic. Just DIY strategies you can put into place to create consistent content and see results from your social media marketing efforts.

The Content Success Formula includes:

  • 6 step-by-step lessons, that walk you through everything you know to pick SMART goals, find your voice online, create consistent content, automate, and build key relationships.
  • 6 actionable, end-of-lesson Success Tasks so you can put these new skills into play today.
  • 6 months’ access to the course website so you can go back and review the material as many times as you want.

Plus, this HELPFUL bonus:

  • The Content Calendar used in Katie’s flagship course, Flash Forward to Content Success. It’s in excel format so you can edit, add, and make it your own.

Just picture starting the week with your social media content already created, automated, and ready to roll.

Here’s what each lesson will cover:

Lesson 1: Goal Setting for Content Marketing

  • Why goal setting is the key to social media success
  • An overview of goals people set for social media marketing (for inspiration)
  • How to set SMART goals, step-by-step

Lesson 2: Planning and Organizing Your Content Marketing

  • The number one reason content planning is so important
  • Why choosing one social media platform is best
  • The 80/20 rule as an easy content creation strategy
  • How often you should post on a social media platform
  • Creating online office hours to save your sanity and build your business

Lesson 3: Getting Ready to Post Your Content

  • Katie’s recommendation for the best content scheduler
  • Categories for plug-and-drop social media content
  • Topic lists and why they’ll save you days and days
  • How to create a posting calendar
  • Engagement, live posting, and “being there” when you’re short on time

Lesson 4: Creating Content That Stands Out

  • Tricks for standing out
  • Becoming a fountain of content ideas
  • A guide to unique perspective, unique voice/personality, unique branding, and building unique relationships.
  • Easy ways to inject your branding in personality across social media content
  • 4 case studies to showcase entrepreneurs who have solid branding and unique voices

Lesson 5: Repurposing Your Content

  • Exactly what repurposing content means
  • Why and how repurposing content helps you and your business (you’ll love this!)
  • Examples of repurposing social media content
  • A guide to repurposing content for your own business

Lesson 6: Mastery and When to Add Another Platform

  • How long it will take you to see results from your content marketing efforts
  • How to know when it’s time to add another social media platform to the marketing mix.

BONUS MATERIAL: Katie’s Content Calendar

  • A downloadable excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs for each major social media platform plus a category organizer.

Are you ready to get organized so you can stop wasting so much time on social media with no results?

If so, you’re a perfect fit for The Content Success Formula.

Praise for Katie Skow

"We sold about $15k of Cab Sav on Cab Day... great integration with Facebook!"

- Hans Fritsch, President, Schlossadler Wines

"Katie's social media trainings are always clear, to-the-point, and people LOVE implementing her little-known social media tips & tricks! She's an excellent instructor."

-Maria Granados, Entrepreneur and Business Coach

"Because of her social media know-how, Katie has been able to jump into numerous client projects and daily work without skipping a beat. From blogger outreach, to social messaging, Katie can handle it all. Beyond her skill set, Katie is reliable in every sense and always works hard to produce the very best results no matter what project she is working on."

-Valorie Luther, President & CEO, Creative Concepts

Katie Skow
Katie Skow
Founder & Course Creator

I teach digital marketing to new entrepreneurs.

Instructor: Katie Skow

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Lesson 1: Goal Setting for Content Marketing
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Lesson 4: Create Content That Stands Out
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Lesson 5: How to Easily Repurpose Content
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BONUS MATERIAL: Content Calendar & Organizer (Speadsheet)
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